Andres proved his exceptional abilities as an editor in Good Bye Soviet Union project. He has a good sense of rhythm and storytelling, and he proved to be one of the strongest assets of "Good Bye Soviet Union" film. Despite the material being multi-lingual, it didn't deter him or slow him down. He put out many fires during our work together, metaphorically speaking as well as in real life, as he worked as a firefighter during editing as well. I would gladly work with him again.

Lauri Randla


Andres is a hard-working, dedicated and technically skilled editor, in who's hands directors and producers will feel safe. As a teacher I was stunned by his ability to attend a full-workload curriculum and work as a firefighter simultaneously, as a cinematographer I had the privilege to witness his lifesaving skills on feature film Goodbye Soviet Union. I can attest that material trusted to him to work on will be in the safest hands that will squeeze the maximum potential out of any story.

Elen Lotman


My collaboration with Andres began with BFM Master's 2nd year documentary Some Notes About Love. If the previous study provided editing on my own, then this film had to be made "obligatorily" with an editing student. The footage on which we started to create the story was hectic in every way. Andres orientated quickly and systematised both the technical side and essence of the film. I was amazed by his hard work - as a first-year student at that time, in addition to the compulsory lectures at school, he had attended a number of online courses and workshops related to his profession. By default, this demand extended to me. I started to prepare thoroughly for each meeting. The collaboration resulted with a documentary that I was happy with myself and that received appreciative feedback from teachers and other viewers.

Based on the trust I had, I continued to work with Andres on my BFM thesis 19 Floors. Here I had the opportunity to get his immediate feedback right from the start of shooting. It turned out that some of the frames "didn't carry" in the edit and we re-filmed them. I appreciate also in this cooperation that Andres inspired me and the other parties to make the best effort for a better end result through his own hard work.

Maris Kerge


Andres has since our first day at university shown an unrelenting will to develop as a person and displayed an unparalleled motivation to become a filmmaker. Many find themselves content with what they have achieved yet it is clear to me that Andres will always look to improve himself and any project he is working on. He is quick, efficient and straight to the point. I enjoy an editor, who can explain his choices and challenge the director. I feel that Andres has total control over the technical aspects of editing and I can see him developing into an exceptional story teller.

Johannes Magnus Aule